Volvic Natural Mineral Water

Experience the freshness & pure taste of evian natural mineral water, now for the first time available with light, fine added sparkles.

Mineral composition


Water attributes

Protecting and preserving the natural mineral water

The Volvic impluvium is located in the unique geographical site of “Chaîne des Puys / Limagne fault”, inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2018.

Designed for circularity

The change is well underway already, with our full range in Germany and our on-the-go bottles in France now made from 100% rPET, otherwise known as recycled plastic. As well as being made from recycled materials, these bottles are also recyclable themselves.

Carbon neutral

At Volvic we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet, reduction of green house gas emissions is key. Our carbon neutral certification - the process of measuring, reducing & offsetting remaining emissions - forms a part of this journey.

B Corp Certified

‘B Corp™’ is shorthand for ‘Certified B Corporation™’, an organisation that’s part of a global movement dedicated to using business as a force for good. B Corps™ take the lead in doing business responsibly and meaningfully, always considering the impact of their decisions on everyone and everything they come into contact with: their workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.